At Swim the World, our swimming lessons are catered to people from all walks of life.

Private Class

  • The fastest and most effective way to learn swimming
  • Instructor will focus one-to-one basis
  • More privacy in a comfortable and friendly environment

Small Group

  • Minimum of 3 students each class and maximum of 8 in a group
  • Well-trained and friendly instructors
  • Lessons conducted at locations convenient to you

Swim to Fit

  • Achieve a healthy body with our fitness programme
  • Assessed based on individual requirements
  • Course includes swimming lessons and nutrition guidance

School Team

  • This session is ONLY for selected groups by our ¬†Instructors

Special Needs Class

  • For special need kids or adults (e.g. phobic/disabled) who need special guidance by our well-trained instructors

Professional Course

Life Saving Program

  • Be equipped with Life Saving Program and you will be prepared for life saving missions in the waters. Our instructors are professionally trained under the Life Saving Program and CPR for emergency rescue.

Scuba Diving

  • The international license from PADI, a professional diving body
  • A chance to enjoy beautiful sea nature at various locations